Håndens og hjernens arbejde (The work of the hand and the mind) (2019)
Bladr, Copenhagen

Two-person exhibition with Mikko Kuorinki. Curated by Lodret Vandret (Flemming Ove Bech & Johan Rosenmunthe). The work of the hand and the mind takes Bladr’s locality and its neighbouring printing houses in Nørrebro (CPH) as the starting point for new works, incorporating print, text and installation. The neighbourhood is home to a printing co-operative, repro shops, experimental workshops, art collectives and an activism and social movement library.

Digital Theatre engages with the collected documents of Eks-Skolens Trykkeri (Ex-School Printing), a worker run print co-op originally founded in late 1960s as an experimental art school: Den Eksperimenterende Kunstskole, and existing in the same building today as a commercial offset printer. The Eks-Skolens archive – which the new works aim to agitate and reframe – consists of several uncatalogued boxes of business documents, printing manuals and photographs. Digital Theatre utilises the unruly nature of these records, providing a framework for thinking about divisions of time and labour, creativity and economic purpose, shared and simultaneous agency.

Digital Theatre (DT001, DT002, DT003, DT004) (2019)
Digital pigment archival prints, bonded polycarbonate, walnut rods, magnets. Series of four.

Digital Theatre (DT005, DT006, DT007, DT008, DT009, DT010) (2019)
Digitally printed flooring foam with UV inks. Series of six.

The resulting publication THE WORK OF THE HAND AND THE MIND (2021) was nominated for Prix Bob Calle 2023, European Artists’ Book of the Year, Bibliothèque Beaux-Arts de Paris.

Artist's Book. Edition of 200
88pp., 210 x 260mm
1 colour spot printing (blue), coil bound with die-cut polycarbonate cover
Co-publishers: Lodret Vandret (DK) and Pleats (UK)
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For artworks by Mikko Kuorinki and for additional images visit:
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Mikko Kuorinki
Photo credit: Johan Rosenmunthe/Lodret Vandret